1. If you're encountering difficulties with redeeming a gift card code and you see an error stating that the gift card is "invalid/incorrect/expired...", it's important to first verify that your IP address and account region match the region for which the product is designated. Additionally, ensure that you are not using a VPN, as this could lead to problems with code redemption. If a VPN is in use, we advise disabling it to avoid any redemption complications.

If you continue to face challenges, don't hesitate to contact our customer support service creating a support ticket and provide the following details:

For online redemption, provide:

  • Full screenshots or screen recordings of your attempt to redeem the gift card. These should clearly display the gift card code, any error messages that appear, and the URL bar of the redemption page, or the interface of the app being used for the redemption process.
  • Is your present IP address and the account you are using for redemption aligned with the region designated for the product?
  • If you've already contacted the brand's customer support, let us know their feedback. If possible, in the form of screenshots.

For redemptions made at a physical store, please provide:

  • The complete address of the store you visited.
  • A detailed account of why the code redemption was unsuccessful, including any feedback or comments from the store staff.

2. If after clicking on the link to your gift card you cannot access your gift card details/ you see an error message please create a support ticket describing the problem.