Possible reasons why you cannot redeem a Steam gift card:

  • Your Steam account is not from the region for which the gift card was purchased
  • Your IP is not from the region for which the gift card was purchased
  • You try to redeem with VPN
  • A currency on your Steam profile does not match the currency of the gift card you purchased.

If the conditions are met, but you still see an error, then contact our support team by creating a support ticket: help.coinsbee.com

Please send us a full screenshot where we can see the code, the error message and your account balance. Only with this screenshot we can forward this problem to our supplier to check what's maybe wrong. We need this screenshot for each code, which has this problem.

Please note: Steam has an unknown limit on how many codes can be redeemed in a row. So if you have already redeemed many codes today, Steam will give you an error message that the code is incorrect or has already been redeemed. This error message is usually false and indicates that the limit has been reached.
As a rule, redeeming should be possible again after 24 hours.

Unfortunately, Steam does not provide you information on how many codes you can redeem in succession, nor when the automatic lock will be lifted again.