Amazon can lock cards and accounts if they suspect that you try to use them against their terms. We warn about this on our website:

Amazon gift cards cannot be redeemed until you have a credit or debit card on file in your Amazon account. If this is not the case, your account may be suspended and will remain suspended until you confirm your identity.

Amazon will block accounts and cards if fraud is suspected. This suspicion may arise if you use Amazon outside your country of residence or use a VPN. Other reasons to suspect fraud include reselling or dropshipping, and adding a gift card to a new account that does not already have other payment methods on file. Also, if you add too many high-denomination gift cards, Amazon may become suspicious.

You can provide Amazon the invoice if they ask for it, but the invoice should contain the same name and address as on your Amazon account.

If you don't have a Coinsbee account, sign up with the same email and the right name and address to see your order invoice with your name and address.